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Burger King Guest Experience Survey

The Mybkexperience is an online survey program used by Burger King to improve their customer service. By taking part in the survey, customers can reach out to management, telling them what they like and don’t like about the service so it may be improved. For many years now the company has been able to maintain its reputation by offering great food and quality customer service, and you can contribute to this by answering survey questions.

How to Take Part in Burger King Guest Experience Survey?

There are only a few steps required to complete the survey, and it should not take more than 5 minutes.

  1. Go to
  2. Aside from the welcoming message there is an option to take the survey in Spanish or François.
  3. Once you have chosen a language, type the restaurant number. This will be on the receipt you got after your most recent visit to Burger King.
  4. Once you’ve supplied the code you’ll be taken to the questionnaire.
  5. The questions are going to center on your most recent experience at Burger King. Just answer the questions as honestly as you can and if the question asks for more details, provide them.
  6. Once the survey is completed there may be a field left where you can leave comments, suggestions or complaints. This is usually optional but it’s a good idea to supply information here as well since it’s going to help Burger King with regards to company service.
  7. After you have completed the Burger king survey, a validation code will be given to you.
  8. Write this down on the receipt survey invitation field.

When you next go to Burger King, take this receipt with the survey and validation codes with you. This works like a coupon so when you turn it over at Burger King you’ll be able to redeem its value. This makes it different from other survey websites that require you to join sweepstakes: while those may seem exciting, there’s a strong possibility you’re not going to win due to the large number of people participating.

With Burger King that is not an issue as anyone and everyone who joins the survey gets the coupon which can be redeemed anytime during their next visit to any of its restaurants. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection and once you are at you can take part in the survey. If you still have concerns you can read the privacy policy on the survey site. Rest assured however that no personal information about you will be revealed.

65 Responses

    1. They suck, the kid that waited on me inside the store kept itching his head. Never going back and the whopper taste like 2days old

  1. I went to 2 BK’s – one in Rosemount very, very backed up and something was wrong, very slow. So I left and went to the BK in Burnsville off of Cty 42 and Nicollet. To many latino workers and they hardly knew English at 6:29 pm in both BK’s.
    The food was good

  2. Omg I’ve never visited a bk where I see everyone enjoying they’re job ! Very friendly ! My order wasn’t made rite ! The manager Jackie G made sure when I left everything was prefect ! She was very nice & understanding ! As well as the rest of the team ! On a scale of 1-10 definitely perfect 10 & I really appreciate Jackie G for her awesome leadership ! Good job everyone ! Thanks !

  3. My Wife and myself came the next day and bought two more big whopper and took them home to eat for dinner . That’s how good they were

  4. I went through the device through nd with our orders we had several people so we had more than one order,the place looked a little busy the woman in with Dow like a bit too much with work so I went in and saw not really working inside as much as several women chatty while waiting to fill orders as I stood there the two fillings our orders and other doing a man’s I watched one keep cleaning her nose on here hand several times and the one next to her started to copy it like a chain reaction,she kept picking up the food passed it right on to me after I do mean several moments of this,I was so shocked all I could do was keeping looking at her.To ashamed to say much her manager was standing there talking to them and could care less these girls were using unsanitary behavior as if using the hands for Kleenex was a part of job description.Who can you complain to if the manager condoned this?

      1. That’s awful I went to the bk n Jackson tn on south highland today and ordered 6 burgers of course they weren’t all for me but they made a big deal out of it made me feel like they would do something nasty to the food well when I left the manager called me a wale she was bigger than me she almost got slapped I’m embra so well

  5. I buy a whopper almost every day and to get this response is crazy I want but no more and I wont do anymore of the survey, I only do to get my burgers back that’s OK.

  6. The items that Burger King offers you to take these surveys are bogus, because after you take the time to do this they tell you sorry we don’t care about what you think so we are not going to honor the item that was told you would be given to take the survey.

  7. I went to buy a hamburguer and some nuggets and they treated me very well they were very kind and they offered me sauces for my nuggets and desserts

  8. Had 2 junior Whoppers Fries and drinks… ENJOYED….
    Lots of cleaning off of tables and cleaning up of floor etc. Nice to see that happening… Coming into a clean table and not having to wait to have someone clean one is wonderful.

  9. The service is usually slow, and the people taking your order language is unprofessional Roebuck store Birmingham, AL

  10. I tried to complete the survey but the numbers for the store number were coming up incorrect. The store number at your 1083 Hertel Avenue location is #945, when I typed it in it comes up as incorrect. I really enjoy receiving your coupons and use them with/for my grandchildren. I love the whopper meal but also enjoy your swiss burger, A-1 burger keep up the good work, my friends love your fries!!!!!!!

  11. I ordered a whopper plain but with cheese. This is the 2nd time I received a whopper with everything. I am allergic to tomatoes and there was ketchup and tomatoes on my whopper. Needless to say I could only eat the bottom portion of the bun and half of the meat.

  12. My food was great got everything I wanted and a song from the gentleman in the first window I think his name is Walter

  13. on friday may 11 2018 my husband and i visited the store at 1712 east 11th street, siler city, nc 27344. we have been eating there since the store was built and refurbished. as recent weeks you would not believe how nasty the store is. the floors, counters, chairs,tables not to mention the entrance to the store were as NASTY as i have ever seen ANYWHERE. if the red head is your new manager, forget it. she makes no desire to clean the store at all. we must go elsewhere until such time as you have the store cleaned. .

  14. Hi this Music minister and Deacon.
    Names N. Fortin.
    I often come here with other members of the church that Ok Have Attended for over 2 years.
    This is just the best place right up quickly and orderly. And efficient.

  15. Had a whopper today, after trying all the others, and I really enjoyed the whopper more. It takes like a hamburger should. Congratulations on the fresh ingredients and the grilled hamburger and fresh large bun. Yummy!!!

  16. I have a problem with my burger king I had to wait for 10-15 minutes to pay the money and I am really sick and tired of it

  17. I am trying to get to the survey so I can take it. I am on website but cannot find the survey.
    Please advise. Now my 48 hours will be clocked out which does not make me happy. My order number 365460 and Employee number 56232. My survey code: 10008 65340 25465 314420. We had great service and love going to BK for Jr. Whoppers quite often. A great meal!

  18. Stopped by for lunch, love the value menu always a great place to eat especially known for there original Whopper!

  19. Not happy at all went to do the king deal for my husband and I but decided for mine I wanted the fish sandwich instead so I got mine my husband said he would do the king deal and cashier just did both of them as sandwiches when I told her no he wanted the meal she then just rang in the deal instead of voided out the first transaction with out asking us or anything We go there every two or three weeks for dinner but not anymore for sure!!!

  20. My experience with bk at 811 main st,Hartford,ct was an disappointment and disgusting! I placed my order and waited for my food. I needed to use the bathroom so one of your employees yells it out loud so every customer and employee knew i had to go. How embarrassing!!! At that burger king you needed to be buzzed in to actually use the bathroom. The manager who is employed by your company called me stupid and the cashiers ladies was laughing at me too A PAYING CUSTOMERS ONTOP OF IT! THIS EXPERIENCE WAS RUDE AND UNCALLED FOR! These employers who work at your company should be written up or fired. These are the faces of your company who is employed at this place. Have NO RESPECT for your paying customers. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO BK AND IM GOING TO LET EVERY PERSON THAT I KNOW MY EXPERIENCE TODAY! Im stunned and cant believe the customer service i received. You need to straighten up the.employees or you will be losing alot of customers.

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